Friday, February 01, 2008

Radar Bros. - Auditorium

So, before about 3 days ago I had never heard of Radar Bros. I wouldn't had really taken a second look but I noticed that they were signed Merge Records. As we all know Merge Records is home to some pretty fantastic bands including Spoon and Arcade Fire. So, with this in mind, I threw 12 emusic downloads in their general direction. I must say, I'm pretty impressed. Apparently these guys have made 5 albums and have been around for a decade. Of course, we all have those bands that we've just never happened to notice before. So anyway, this is a chill little very enjoyable record. It's not mind blowing. I would probably compare it to Wilco's Sky Blue Sky with a little Pink Floyd vibe thrown in there. This is the only video I could find for them and it's kinda odd but the song is good. It's called "When Cold Air Goes To Sleep" and it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album. So if you want mellow album that doesn't rock out but doesn't lull you to sleep either then I would definitely recommend Radar Bros. new album Auditorium.

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