Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I'm a subscriber to emusic and have been for quite some time. I like it, I've found a lot of great music on there and love that most indie labels are on there. As a matter of fact, if Subpop Records and Barsuk were on there life may be complete. I do have issues with it though. I logged on there today and find that Rambo: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the top download for the day. Why is this? These must be the same people who've made Taylor Swift and an obscure, well past his prime, James Taylor the top downloads for the past few months. I guess these people don't care about the fact that the entire catalogues for Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Explosions In The Sky, pre-Crane Wife Decemberists, Stars, The New Pornographers, etc. are all on there. If you're looking for something new I recommend Black Mountain or the highly unnoticed Besnard Lakes. Maybe I'm just weird. I think of emusic subscribers as being indie hipster kids or wannabe indie hipster kids like me that don't listen to Taylor Swift or post early 80's James Taylor or T. Pain... What do I know anyways? I just used 8 to get the new Do Make Say Think. Who are they? Obviously not Taylor Swift or The Rambo Soundtrack... I can't miss those...

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