Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Why are so many bands releasing b-sides albums after only having released one or two albums? Why release a b-sides album at all? Why not do what bands like Radiohead and Bloc Party do and release multiple singles or e.p.'s with b-sides? It's something that can satisfy you're appetite for stuff by the band. When a band releases a b-sides album, you take it as an album most of the time and it's really disappointing cause the songs are all from different recording sessions and there is no cohesion.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Not at a drive-in. Not a spartan. Just Jim.

Jim Ward, the former guitarist and co-founder of At The Drive-In, and the current singer/guitarist behind Sparta, has quietly released a solo album. The five-track EP is called Quiet.

It's clearly a different direction for Jim Ward. Maybe he's tired of screaming and rocking. The songs are laced with acoustic guitars and piano. After the loud sounds of Sparta are taken away, you realize that Jim Ward has more than just a great screaming voice, he has a great singing voice.

As always, eMusic comes in handy. Download it.

...Is A Real Vinyl

On October 23, Doghouse Records released the Say Anything "...is/was A Real Boy" on VINYL. It's a 2xLP, 1 black and 1 green. Featuring the original album "...is a Real Boy" and the later released bonus "...was a Real Boy" and includes the freshly re-recorded version of the classic "Walk Through Hell", which was recently posted on their MySpace.

Buy it here. $12 is pretty much a steal.

It's a shame they didnt drop this one on us 3 years ago. At that point in time I probably would have bought 2 copies. One to open and listen to, and one to enshrine in a glass case.

The Honorary Title - Scream And Light Up The Sky

I apologize for using a very cliched term but I have to. This band is really freakin "under the radar". I check many music websites almost on a daily basis and never a mention regarding The Honorary Title. I can't figure out why. Not to mention, when I check every critic's Top 10, Top 15, or whathaveyou I will not see them mentioned. This is a travesty. They've made 2 albums sans a skip-over track. Their sophomore album "Scream And Light Up The Sky" is wonderful. This is more just a promotion than a review but I needed to mention them.

Song Recommendations: Stay Away, Along The Way, Apologize, The City's Summer, Untouched And Intact

The Avett Brothers

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The new album from The Avett Brothers, "Emotionalism" is a heart-on-sleeve banjo loving sing along. The songs are easy to enjoy, catchy and touching. "Die, Die, Die" is the album opener, and right from the start of that song, you can tell that you are in for an enjoyable listen. The band sounds like a mixture of Johnny Cash and The Beatles and also a touch of Whiskeytown. Cash for the lyrics and song structure, and The Beatles for the hooks and harmonizing. Whiskeytown obviously for the twang, though The Avett Brothers are banjo heavy.

So take a listen. You can download the album from eMusic. And I dare you to try and listen to "The Ballad Of Love And Hate" without getting emotional. This song is such a reminder about how precious and forgiving women are, and how we take them for granted.

Also, if you happen to be a Delaware resident, or at least are in the vicinity, you may want to check out their show at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington on November 20th. Tickets are still on sale and are only $22. Im sure it will be a great show.