Monday, June 25, 2007

Adams Eve

So, here we are on the eve of the release of Easy Tiger, the latest installment to a collection of crap records you can buy with your overpriced but wonderful Starbucks coffee.
Ryan Adams is my favorite artist, but I am really not looking forward to giving Easy Tiger its first spin. Ive managed to avoid the leak for my own reasons. I didnt want to spoil it...for better or for worse. There has been nothing but a sea of what I would consider negative press. Early reviews on the record called it a return to form...a return to the magic of Heartbreaker, Ryan's first solo push. Ive never been one to buy the "return to form" garbage. I honestly dont believe that its ever possible for an artist to ever return to the place in time in which they were at their best. Like the Rolling Stones for example. They still put out records, but no matter how hard they try they will never be able to capture Gimme Shelter and put it into a solid new radio hit.

Back to the subject at hand. Yes, I will go out and buy the record tomorrow. Yes, I will buy the Vinyl. But will I ever care? Will this album ever mean anything to me or will it be just another book up on the shelf? Who knows. Who cares for that matter.

And while Im at it, I have to say that the best and most complete album Ryan has put out was Cold Roses. And as many times as you will hear that Rock N Roll was garbage, I have to say that it happens to be a classic in my book. Its brilliant. It rocks...and it rolls.

Don't let me down Easy Tiger.

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