Friday, May 18, 2007

Pet Grief

It's really not often that a friend of mine turns me on to a band that I have both A: Never heard of, and B: Never heard their music. Usually I can claim one or both and sometimes have claimed one or both just to hide the fact that I had no clue. However in the case of Swedish band The Radio Dept., I will honestly admit that I was in the dark....and was I ever missing out on something great.

After being clued in by my new friend Chris, I picked up their 2006, Labrador Records release, Pet Grief. Its the second long player from The Radio Dept. and it's a stunning piece of work. Lo-fi, sweeping melodies of acoustic guitar and piano and electronic percussion, mixed with lush quiet spoken vocals. Mixed together it creates a swelling sound that just works.

I have been playing Pet Grief on repeat for nearly a month now. Just when I was ready to rewind into their back catalog I discovered that they have a slated October release for a new full length album.

Best of all, you can get it all on emusic!

Take a listen...

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