Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Burial - "Untrue"

So I've been scouring around the internet the past few days and looking at other's top albums lists and most them include a lot of the same stuff. There was the worthy stuff (Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Band Of Horses, Iron & Wine, Of Montreal), there was the overrated (Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, LCD Soundsystem) and the underrated (The National, Bloc Party, Eluvium, The Besnard Lakes, Okkervil River). Aside from this there was also the stuff I missed completely. One of those artists was "Untrue" by Burial. It's actually the best reviewed album of the year on megacritic. I'll admit that I have a guilty pleasure electronic music. I love Daft Punk, Boards Of Canada, and Junior Boys. I'm not overly knowledged in the genre so I've missed a lot. Lucky for me, Burial is available for download on emusic. I must say this is a pleasant surprise. Obviously, this is an album you'll either love or hate. It's very much an album meant to be experienced either in you're vehicle or in headphones. Also, it is slightly creepy. It's not as alien as say something by Sigur Ros or as beautiful but it's definitely more of a soundtrack to some weird story going on you're head. This music requires imagination and an open mind. My friends at work won't get it and most people will complain if I play it aloud and personally I like it that way. "Untrue" is an album impossible to describe song by song, it's very fluid throughout and it supported by lo-fi beats and tribal sounding vocals which take a few listens to absorb and really enjoy. It has the nice crackle of a vinyl playing with I appreciate and it has some very ethereal noises that you here when people are in dark alleys in movies. So if you're ready for something a little different and what to imagine you're music in you're head then I recommend giving "Untrue" a try.


Gledwood said...

Sigur come everyone on the internet seems to be into that. I even posted some on my musical blog. but I don't really like it!

The Koze said...

Believe me, it's more than just the internet, they sell out every concert quite quickly. Their music is extremely ethereal and it's more of an experience for me, it's very visual.

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