Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This is everything I dispise about popular music

How could one not find something completely wrong with this. I'm sorry if I'm a snob and he makes good music. If you think he makes good music then you have no idea what good music is. The sad part is that I don't have to even go past this album cover to know how much he sucks. How pretentious do you have to be to A: create something that's already been done (this is not like using a song title someone already used, this is an album cover) and B: use 1,000 pictures of yourself? Dude, Radiohead isn't even that good to be this pompous.

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Dave said...

Bad music should have a bad album cover. That way you know not to buy it.

Even his first album cover is bad.

Im sure he will be the kind of artist that releases a b-sides or a live album after only 2 studio albums.