Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sigur Ros

So Sigur Ros in the midst of recording a new album have decided to release both a live DVD and a b-sides CD in the month of November. On a personal level I feel the autumn/winter season is the only time for Sigur Ros to release anything, their music fits the season, albeit I do listen to them year round. Judging by the song (with apparent accompanying slideshow created by fan) I've posted here, which is called Hljomalind (I don't know and don't care what it means), I'm quite excited to hear the songs on the CD. I also have no doubts that the DVD will nothing short of amazing as seeing Sigur Ros live is akin to a deeply religious experience. If you have never had the pleasure of listening to Sigur Ros then shame on you. Some people consider bands like Radiohead (which I heartily recommend partaking a listen to their new album) or U2 to be the best band on the planet but I will be the one to audaciously say that Sigur Ros is without a doubt the best band currently on the planet. Please enjoy, I know I will.

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