Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Case You Missed It - Take Flight

This year I have not been able to get enough of Bret and Jemaine. Ok, and Murray too. And Dave. Leggy blonde. Mel and her sidekick slash husband Doug. Sally, Coco Ono, Greg, Eugene who knows what he's doing. And the one and only David Bowie, appearing in three persons.

The shows have been gone from Comcast OnDemand for months now, and I think we've all been hurting because of it. But don't fret. Our favourite New Zealanders are back on November 6th. The 2 disc DVD of the complete first season will be available in stores everywhere. All you need to do is choke up $20. That won't be difficult. Im sure its packed with extras and videos galore. Probably some of their stand-up too, which is also great, and not a far cry from what they do on the actual show.

Buy the funky DVD, Bret, buy the funky funky DVD.

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