Friday, September 28, 2007

Seriously, why?

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So, I enjoyed Dashboard Confessional back in the day when it was JUST Chris Carrabba going at it alone. It was interesting at first when the full band sound came into play. Back when he re-recorded a few old songs with a full band for the "The Places.." LP and the very enjoyable "Summers Kiss" EP.

I have since given up on the band. I don't hate them, they just no longer appeal to me. The full band sound just takes away from what made Dashboard a stunner in the first place.

Minutes ago I became aware that they have a new album coming out next week, which shocks me a bit since they just released an album last year. I never gave the last one a chance. I did download it from eMusic, and i will probably download this one from eMusic. At leat the cover art catchs my attention.

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