Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The new single from Say Anything entitled "Skinny Mean Man" was just posted online the other day. I was really looking forward to taking a listen, and today I did just that. It left me very unimpressed, which was honestly what I had already braced myself for.

Coming off of 2004's "...Is A Real Boy", Say Anything are about to drop "In Defense of The Genre" on October 23rd. A highly anticipated double album. "...Is A Real Boy" is nothing short of a classic. Its one of the most interesting and unique albums you will ever hear. "...Defense" was for some reason dragged out into a double album. Perhaps due to the many years that have gone by while the band has slowly broken into stardom. Personally I feel like double albums are a great risk for any band. Even a good double album can be broken down in to one polished record. Spanning 27 tracks, "...Defense" is up against many great challenges.

1. It's a double album. I already stated my reasons.
2. It's a sophomore album. Not to mention the follow up to the outstanding "...Is A Real Boy". No matter how good "...Defense" is, it's going to be compared to Boy, which is impossible to top.
3. It was written and recorded by a full band, as oppose to ...Is A Real Boy, which ran on only the fuel of Max Bemis. And not that his band is bad, the band is great. I just wonder how this will change the sound. Dash(cough)board.
4. Major label publicity. This band is no longer the secret they were back in August of 2004.

So, all in all, I can't wait to hear the new album. I have no doubt that its going to be great. "Skinny Mean Man" let me down a bit, but hopefully it will grow on me. Obviously I will give it another chance.

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