Friday, July 13, 2007

Flashback Friday

I just heard a Live song the other day and it sparked me to go back in time to the late 90's and give them another spin. I've always been a fan of Live. I sadly admit that I have not purchased their two most recent albums. I would like to give them a chance at some point. I think my musical tastes have evolved since the late 90's.

However, my favorite Live album has always been Secret Samadhi. This album was released on February 18, 1997. It the only Live album that I still long to hear. It's just so dark. I think probably one of the best albums I had ever heard at that point in time. At least of of the most experimental mainstream albums of the time.

I decided just tonight that I'm going to officially place Secret Samadhi in at least my Top 50 Albums of All Time.

If you missed out on it, go to amazon or right now and buy it used. You can probably get it for $3. And thats WITH shipping.

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