Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Throw Me The Statue - Moonbeams


Throw Me The Statue
Secretly Canadian / SC Dist.


What is an inspired album?

There are those rare times when you listen to an album for the first time and realize that you are experiencing something special. An inspired album usually isn't one that has to grow on you with repeat listening. It's true that sometimes you just don't realize it. Most often however, it occurs to you that the people who recorded these works had so much more in mind. The see the future of music. The choose the other paths. Change all our directs. Especially your ears. It brings about the moment that you say to yourself "this is exactly what I want to hear, at this exact moment in time".

Thus brings us to Moonbeams, the debut album by Throw Me The Statue. The album is a sweeping effort by Scott Reitherman, a virtually unknown until this point in time. Moonbeams presents a montage of sound. Driving guitar hooks, raw drum beats, synth, horns, bells, full background vocals, and almost everyother sound you can imagine. When broken down track by track, each song almost falls into a different genre. From raw and simple punk sounds, to island vibes, to acoustic guitars and synthesizers. Somehow it all comes together without being overwhelming or confusing. Reitherman's vocals are soft spoken and flow smoothly through each track, never missing a lo-fi beat.

The songs offer mostly a positive feeling of young love. The lyrics are clear and uncomplicated. In some ways, the album offers a perfect experience for the listener in the fact that it takes you on a complete journey. Its a rare gem in a mostly sloppy indie scene. Where most artist are trying too hard to be different, many don't take the time to simply just make something special.

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Review by | Dave Payne | 02.19.08

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