Sunday, December 02, 2007

The National on Brothers & Sisters

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As men we are often subject to watching television shows that well....we really would rather not watch.

I found myself in that situation tonight, as I often do on Sunday nights (and 6 other nights a week), watching Brothers & Sisters on ABC. Now, I'm a realistic person. I understand that different shows attempt to go for different audiences. This show has done a wonderful job reeling in the audience of the women kind. Its a prime time soap opera. Every scene pushes the drama to a full climax. In one family someone is going to war, someone is on drugs, someone is cheating on their spouse, someone is gay, someone is running for President, someone is a long lost sister, a father is dead, and someone is Sally Field, just trying to keep the whole thing glued together. Good luck Sally.

Well, as I was sipping my beer and playing with my cell phone, keeping the program fully tuned out, I sadly noticed the song "Start A War" by The National, begin to play in the background of a scene in the show. Gay guy #1 was sad that gay guy #2 wasnt over gay guy #3 and so gay guy number #2 said he was almost ready to be one with gay guy #1 but then gay guy #1 turned the tables and walked out on gay guy #2 because they cant be together as long as he still pines for gay guy #3.

For some reason somebody at ABC thought "Start A War" was the perfect song for these fabulous fellas to share their feelings to. The song carried over into the next scene in which some girl confessed to some other girl that she told on her for cheating. The song probably carried into the next scene in which terrorists took the entire family hostage...but I wouldnt know. I left the room to come and report this news to the world.

I have no problem with The National being on the show, nor do I care what scenes it was in. The majority of the audience watching probably didnt notice or care about what song was playing in the background. They were too busy putting the pieces of drama together. Trying to add it up and make something meaningful of it all.

I do find it amusing however that The National have taken prime time television by storm. First NBC's "Chuck" and now this. Whats next for these guys? I know, Deal Or No Deal.

The one good highlight of Brothers & Sisters tonight was the spectacluar Chevy Chase. His cameo ended tonight, but he ruined the wedding by smoking pot and getting detained by secret service.

Oh, and he dumped Sally Field!!! Bueno!!

Next week she will start putting back the pieces to the family Post-Chevy. Maybe Menomena will provide the soundtrack.

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