Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Rainbows

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So, its finally 10/10. The ten days we had to wait for the new Radiohead album have finally passed. I woke up at 6:30am to find the download link in my inbox, exactly as they said it would be. I wasted no time to burn it and throw it on my stereo and rock on my way to work. I must say that i am greatly impressed with it. I didnt really have any expectations, there wasnt enough time to build any expectations anyway. The only thing i hoped is that the band would get back on track after what I though was a very sub par effort, and poorly named, Hail To The Thief.

In Rainbows flows along the lines of Kid A. Ten tracks, which seems to be the perfect number for an album. I almost wish more bands would cut the fat from their 14 track efforts and just give me something solid to enjoy. I would compare the feel of the album to Kid A also. Its a little dark, but very optimistic. Its clear this time around that Radiohead have recorded with real instruments. Acoustic guitars are strumming, and the drum beats are real. Its refreshing to hear them apply some of the basics to their sound, which in recent years became a lot more electronic based. There are also several brief but moving orchestral arrangements. Again, not enough to overwhelm the listener. Just enough to catch your attention.

Well, Im going to keep listening. And feel free to snag my art for your iTunes.

I'm a reasonable man.

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