Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Easy Pill

Just over a year ago I had the good fortune of seeing Ted Leo/Pharmacists open up for Ryan Adams at Irving Plaza in New York. There were about a dozen bands on the bill that night since it was a benefit show with proceeds going to hurricane Katrina. The whole show was put together by Jesse Malin, a sidekick of Mr. Adams. Anyway, there were a lot of bands on the bill that I had never seen, and some that had never heard of. The likes of Marah, Jesse Malin, Ted Leo/Rx, Butch Walker, Debbie Harry and others...obviously Ryan Adams & The Cardinals.

Of all those bands Ted Leo and the Pharmacists stole the show for me. I was blown away by their explosiveness on the stage. The band ripped through their set and hooked us all. I personally went home and wasted no time in snatching up 2 of their albums...then later the rest. Shake The Sheets is stunning. Perfect punk infected rock music with hook after hook. It gets a little political, but thats what Ted likes to do. Its not overbearing or preachy though, thats something I can't deal with. Leave your politics at home. But with Ted Leo it just comes across perfectly.

Their first release with Touch and Go records is out today "Living With The Living". I will review it when I have heard it. I plan on buying the vinyl which comes with free mp3 downloads of the entire album. Otherwise, you can find it on eMusic.

And honestly, if you don't already have the album "Shake The Sheets" you don't realize the void in your life. Get it first!




Christy said...

I absolutely love Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. They are one of the albums I had pre-ordered!

The Dave said...
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