Wednesday, February 07, 2007

These Friends of Mine

Just wanted to say that tonight I decided to see what Rosie Thomas was all about. I really only remembered hearing her name in connection to Sufjan and the "scandal" of Sufjan and Rosie making babies together. Which wasn't true at all, it was just a buzz revolving around the fact that they were working on an album together.

Well, that album, These Friends of Mine by Rosie Thomas is to be released on compact disc March 13, 2007(what a day) but eMusic has been offering it for a few weeks now. Tonight I sucked it up and downloaded a free track, and discovered in doing so, that I had already downloaded the title track a few weeks ago(January 6th).

Anyway, I never bothered to listen to any of it until tonight but I have to say that its SPECTACULAR. Its 2am right now and this album is sweeping me off of my feet. I was soooooo ready for bed after Conan was over, but this Rosie experience came out of nowhere.

Its very beautiful acoustic/folk. A lot of harmonizing with Sufjan Stevens and Denison Witmer. Honestly some of the songs sound like Seven Swans era Sufjan songs, except make Sufjan singing the background vocals and on the lead vocals put an amazingly soft and soothing female voice. Slow acoustic guitars, orchestra arrangements and from time to time, Sufjans favorite weapon...the banjo.

I should also add that I have had my 90 download per month eMusic subscription for almost a year now, and until this day I have NEVER until this evening purchased a download booster. I only had enough downloads remaining until February 22 to download 3 songs from the album. After about 2 minutes of debate I went for it.

No regrets.

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Christy said...

I didn't know you like Rosie Thomas. I adore her! Her song "Pretty Dress" is amazing! That is on her "If Songs Could Be Held" album. And I like the song "October" on the "When We Were Small" album.