Sunday, December 03, 2006

Peel Dave and See

So for some reason I decided to bid on the Velvet Underground vinyl that is currently on ebay. Its a good thing I got outbid, but for about a half hour of my life I had $39,100 on the line. It made me a little bit ill. In the end, I am cemented for all time as bidder number 123, at a cool $39,100. So someday when Im out at a record store and I overhear a few music snobs talking about that rare Velvet Underground Acetate I can interject and say.... "yeah, I bid on that".

Just about 12 hours from when I bid $39,100, the auction now has 142 bids and is up to $50,856. WOW!


modage said...

I can't believe you actually bid on this. What the hell were you thinking?!? I actually have the bootleg that was taken from this acetate before they put it on eBay at work. So if you're still curious I can send it to you.

Anonymous said...

A little bit ill? You were completely beside yourself!