Monday, November 06, 2006

eMusic Plan Changes

So, last week I was greeted with spectacular news in my yahoo inbox. Starting November 21st the eMusic rates will be changing. The catch is that the cost of the rates won't change...the amount of downloads per plan will change. The new plans are as follows...

eMusic Basic
30 downloads per month (formerly 40)
$9.99 per month

eMusic Plus
50 downloads per month (formerly 65)
$14.99 per month

eMusic Premium
75 downloads per month (formerly 90)
$19.99 per month

Its a sad day in my opinion. It just shows me that in less than a year of major popularity, eMusic seems to be caving to record labels who are probably insisting that they charge more for their downloads. I always considered eMusic to be the most amazing thing in the world, because it allows you to try out so many new indie bands at such a low cost, that buying the physical cd becomes an afterthought. Its so cheap that you dont even care that you dont actually get a physical copy of the album. I have said to many of my friends that I hate only having downloads of albums, but eMusic is just so beyond worth the cost that i just dont care anymore. Those days may soon be gone. Because if the cost of downloading an album creeps up from $3 to $5 roughly, then i think its almost becoming worth the extra $7 to have the real thing on my shelf.

The catch is that if you are an existing eMusic customer, you are able to keep your existing plan...but only if you sign up for the old rate before November 21st. I locked myself into the Annual plan again, which is $191 for the year with 90 downloads per month. Seems like a lot of money...but come on people, thats less than 6 CENTS per song! Beat that iTunes!!

So dont forget to lock yourself in to the old rates before November 21st!

Oh, and I have to say that i downloaded the album Sincerely, Black Lipstick by the band Black Lipstick today off of eMusic, and I am beyond impressed. Its a really nice listen, and having only 9 tracks makes it easy to get into. So go for it! Sometimes as i listen i am reminded of the Stones.


The Koze said...

I know dude, I totally just need to fork over the money for the annual subscription rather than pay monthly.

Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of the Stones...I just gave Koze a copy of a new album I acquired which reminds me at times of a more 70s rock... Paul Bertolino. I'll have to find out who his influences are.